SAP Activate ist ein Framework von SAP zur Implementierung von SAP S/4HANA und anderen SAP-Lösungen. SAP Activate ist der Nachfolger von Accelerated SAP (ASAP) zur Einführung von SAP R/3 und SAP ERP (SAP ECC) und SAP Launch (für Cloud-Lösungen von SAP).

Die SAP-Activate-Lösung eignet sich mit Blick auf SAP S/4HANA für

  • verschiedene Betriebsmodelle (On-Premise, Cloud oder Hybrid) und
  • verschiedene Implementierungsszenarien (Neuimplementierung, System Conversion, Selektive Migration).

Man unterscheidet die folgenden Phasen

Discover The purpose Qt Discover Phase find the solution's tQ understand business value, and to determine an rate and Outing & users often access trial environments get hands-on Ke Strategic planning value and seeping • Trial system access Deliverables High-Level Implementation Approach Effort Estimations Solution/lntegration Architecture   The Prepuce Phase kicks of the initial and 2!9jgg!. the inital technical and gpp!l@!jgnenvironment or set use solution fit confirmation and definition Ke • Project team (selt-) • Project • Project geyecnange • Plan prgjegt, schedule and budget • Project kickoff Project standards • Project Deliverables On-board p_rgjegg team Initial environment preylslenlng/segug Activation of SAP Best Practices • Access • Fit&q-standard prepar#leo Create initial Integration and API List • End-user prepare Explore The main of the Phase is perform a fit-IQ-standard to confirm the fit of the solution standard to yeuc gem@QYSneeds and to determine values extensions and as well required Identified and values are added to Product Backlog. Ke • Fit-CO-standard definition User Access and Security • Integration preparatlgn Solution Extension preparatlgn Deliverables • Data Load • Test Data Privacy and consent Mobilization Qt the team     Deliverables PuÜngthe Realize Phase, vou'll use a series of iterations to ingemægybuild, test and validate an business and svstem environment based on the business scenarios and identified This includes ggmpgny data , and planning o erations. Ke Solution Solution Extension Gyelgpmgnt OCM alignment activities Solution Integration Solution Test System User Roles and Authorization System User Roles and Authorization Key/End-User Legacy data Solution Test execution • Technical and handover plan Cutover plan Regression Tests after SAP upgrades   Deploy Deliverables The of Deploy Phase ugthe environment confirm organizational readiness and to switch business to run in the new environment. Ke Execute of OCM activities Production cutover • Integration on Execute initial Integrated data load Solution extension End User Training • Transition Hypergar_e support Stabilization environment Project closure    Run Ke Deliverables The Run Phase is the open-ended after ge-live. It's ensure that the solution is ruraulngat peak and take of the quarterly innovations that SAP releases. It also focuses on the continuous the solution. Operations Monitoring/Management Continuous OCM activities QngpJng Knowledge sharing Continuous Production support Quarterly Release Management Roadmap and enhancement Management New activation New countries activation

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